NEWS: Black Panther: The Album Tracklist is Revealed

NEWS: Black Panther: The Album Tracklist is Revealed

I know I'm not the only one reppin' Wakanda

The K. Dot and TDE produced 14-track soundtrack is coming soon packed with hip-hop while the Black Panther movie is packed full of black star power. 

Check out the tracklist after the jump!


STREAM: Kendrick Lamar - The Heart Part 4

STREAM: Kendrick Lamar - The Heart Part 4

Kendrick Lamar wiped his entire IG clean and had a photo of just a roman number IV.  People speculated he possibly had a album dropping. Then he dropped The Heart Part IV and everything went chaotic.   Stream it now after the jump!

De La Soul - and the Anonymous Nobody (album)

De La Soul has been working feverishly to get this project out and it's officially on its way.  

Pre-order "and the Anonymous Nobody"


The Anonymous Nobody: that everyday individual who one day, when least expected, stands up and faces the challenger. He/she refuses to accept… They defy in the hopes of rebirth, growth, and change. They’re the ones who smirk at accolades and take the blow in exchange for the comfort of others. We are those nobodies. We want change from our industries past… labels and lawyers, shackles that kept us bound, at times unable to express our total creative voice. So we stand… bravely trying something new, facing that challenge, fighting for change, fighting against the sample police and fighting for our (and hopefully yours too) continued freedom.