A Tribe Called Quest - "We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service​"

Since Q-Tip took to social media a few weeks ago to announce that A Tribe Called Quest would be dropping not only a new album but their FINAL album.. true hip-hop fans have been dealing with a range of emotion including excitement but also sadness.  

With it officially dropping November 11th; we have gotten the list of expectant features, the confirmation that new Phife verses will be revealed, the cover art x 2 (There is a different cover for the pre- and now the tracklisting.  

A Tribe Called Quest. We Got It From Here...Thank You 4 Your Service. 11.11.16

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The CD will consist of (2) sets of 8 tracks, they are:

1. The Space Program
2. We The People…
3. Whateva Will Be ft. Consequence
4. Solid Wall Of Sound ft. Busta Rhymes and Elton John
5. Dis Generation . Busta Rhymes
6. Kids… ft. André 3000
7. Melatonin ft. Jack White
8. Enough

1. Mobius ft. Consequence and Busta Rhymes
2. Black Spasmodic ft. Consequence
3. The Killing Season ft. Talib Kweli, Consequence and Kanye West
4. Lost Somebody
5. Movin’ Backwards ft. Anderson.Paak
6. Conrad Tokyo ft. Kendrick Lamar
7. Ego ft. Jack White
8. The Donald ft. Busta Rhymes

Also, ATCQ will be performing on Saturday Night Live (debut performance) November 12th with Dave Chappelle hosting.