STREAM: Kendrick Lamar - The Heart Part 4

Kendrick Lamar wiped his entire IG clean and had a photo of just a roman number IV.  People speculated he possibly had a album dropping. Then he dropped The Heart Part IV and everything went chaotic.  He also gave them until April 7th to get their things together ....

The second verse had some heat and people are saying that he's throwing jabs at Big Sean, Drake and had a little bit about Jay Electronica.  You be the judge though!  

I've included some bars from that verse as well as the Apple Music link AND the youtube version for those that don't rock with Apple.

My fans can’t wait for me to son ya punk a** and crush your whole lil’ shit
I’ll Big Pun ya punk a** you a scared little bitch 
Tiptoein around my name ni**a ya lame
And when I get at you homie don’t you just tell me you was just playing
Oh I was just playin with you K-Dot cmon
You know a ni**a rock with you bro
Shut the f*ck up, you sound like the last ni**a I know
Might end up like the last ni**a I know
The whole world goin mad
Bodies is adding up markets about to crash
Ni**as is fake rich bitches is fake bad
Blacks that act white whites that do the dab
Donald Trump is a chump know how we feel punk
Tell em that God comin
And Russia need a replay button y’all up to somethin
Electoral votes look like memorial votes
But Americas truth ain’t ignorin the votes