[Columbus, OH] Greg Owens - Eclectic Soul

[Columbus, OH] Greg Owens - Eclectic Soul

Vocalist, Drummer, Songwriter, Musician (the list can go on) .. Greg Owens definitely does it again with this musically well-rounded project.  Eclectic Soul boasts 9-tracks that possess so much diversity - inspirational, motivational as well as the classic For the Ladies joints.

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[Columbus, OH] VIDEO: Hodgie - Caution ft. Lil Bizzy

[Columbus, OH] VIDEO: Hodgie - Caution ft. Lil Bizzy

Columbus and Cleveland just teamed up for somethin' mean.  Hodgie grabs a verse from Lil Bizzy for his track, Caution and drops a video packing some messages for those that don't know Ohio G Codes.  Check out the video after the jump!

[Columbus, OH] Marwan Maurice - Don't Label Me

Marwan Maurice is a little bit of every genre; blues, soul, country, rock matter of fact, just don't label him! He releases his new single titled just that, "Don't Label Me" which is nothing short of soulful. 

Don't Label Me is on iTunes and all other digital stores, purchase it today!

Check out the video below!

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