Concert Review: A Night with Eric Benét in Akron Ohio

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Good music is good music, period. Remember that! 

So when I was invited to cover the Eric Benét show I was pumped, but no lie, a little sketch too. I mean, “Kickin it with the Goldies tho?!” I thought to myself. Goldies being my 50 plusses. I just knew I’d be slightly impressed at best… right?

Boy, was I wrong to underestimate the night!

The crowd showed up and showed out! Couples in matching bear skins, snake skins, open toes, in their Sundays best honey! The single ladies though! They were ready- front and center!

Then out walks this smooth and sexy, definitely not looking anywhere near 51 year old man, rocking fitted jeans, an old school Motown shirt, fedora and gold low top Nikes! Before he could get to the mic I swear I saw some panties flying his way! The ladies went crazy! White. Black. Other. Single, or with their men. All eyes and ears were focused.

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He set the tone with Chocolate Legs, from his fourth album Hurricane. The lady next to me damn near fainted then brought herself back to life when she realized her new Samsung could record the whole thing via FaceTime live. He swooned the ladies with “I need you to wrap those chocolate legs around me. So when I come home tonight You’ll make me feel alright!
Followed by I Wanna Be Loved. His voice was impeccable.

 Hollering. Melting. The Goldies were in love!

Then he took us back to his 1st album, True To Myself. The men in front of me wrapped their women up and sang sweet nothings to them. Album 2, A Day In the Life was the highlight of the show to me personally! When he started Spend My Life With You, his duet with Tamia, I wondered, “How is he going to pull this one off?” But did he!!!! When I tell you I did not miss Tamia’s presence because he sounded almost better than her singing her parts, I kinda mean it! His range and ability to go from baritone to soprano was amazing! The lady in the front row couldn’t stand to be so close so she stood up, and reached for her piece of chocolate. He humbly obliged, wrapped his arm around her and swayed to the beat.

After a few more hits, he sat down and blessed us with a homage to our man Prince with “How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore”. Aside from Prince himself, NO ONE could have done a better rendition. I was in love. Then he killed me again with “Sometimes I Cry”, from his album Lost In Time. The range on that man is just, again, impeccable. 

Then like that, it was over. I sat there a tad bit disappointed because I came for one song more than any other and I didn’t get it. What a cruel joke because minutes later his tour manager brought him back out and back to meeeeeeee with my favorite Eric Benét song ever: Georgy Porgy! We all went nuts. Singing word for word. And while Faith Evans is one of my favorite female R&B singers, I didn’t miss her either! The man is a musical genius and deserves so much more credit than I’ve been known to give him! His 3 man band, AJ, Wes and John Rich, also amazing! Never missed a beat and their contributing vocals were on point!

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If you have the chance to see Eric Benét perform, you better go! It will change your life and increase your appreciation. Truly one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. Kickin' it with the Goldies!

Review by: T. Glass | @JustGlassi
Photos by: @sheznoturavg