[RAP BATTLE RECAP] Alpha n Omega "Every Beginning Has An End" Rap Battle

So yo.. we were hit up by Arsonal Da Rebel's people to be media for a rap battle in New Jersey on August 5th. This wasn't just ANY rap battle, this was Arsonal's last battle before retirement and he was battling none other than Loaded Lux!

I had another show I was covering in Youngstown, OH that same day but I knew I needed to be there in some kind of way so I reached out to our FromtheOH affiliate and they were down to do it.  Special thanks to T.Glass and Lamar!

Below check out the recap/photos from Lamar and follow him on IG @lbtmgriabros

O Red (Newark, NJ) vs K Shine (Harlem, NY)

Right out the gate you could tell O-Red was prepared for this one, much more comfortable and his punchlines were hitting more. K-Shine, the seasoned vet did what he was supposed to do but we are all kind of used to it. O-Red's 3rd round was amazing; he did a therapist scheme dressed in a red sweater with glasses. It was very creative and to use it in his past weakest round (3rd round) was smart.

O-Red wins 2-1

Rad B (Newark, NJ) vs Charlie Clips (Harlem, NY)

Charlie Clips bodied that boy! Not sure how Rad B even got on the card, especially against a seasoned vet who has ended careers.  The battle was one sided, almost boring because we were just waiting for Clips to go. It also wasn't Clips best bars, it was like when football teams run plays in practice. It's not game speed but we still watch.

Charlie Clips wins 3-0

Jai 400 Block (Newark, NJ) vs T-Rex (Harlem, NY)

T-Rex didn't show and a lot of people in the battle world have lost respect for him.  He's done this before 2 times prior as of recent.

Battle cancelled

Shotgun Suge (Newark, NJ) vs Head ICE (Harlem, NY)

Unfortunately Head ICE didn't show and this was known 2 weeks prior to the event so the card was switched to Shotgun Suge vs DNA. They (Suge and DNA) have been going back and forth via Instagram and hoping to get a battle later this year but with Head ICE backing out Suge and DNA got their shot. This battle was really unfair because DNA who is known for freestyling, outworked Shotgun Suge. With Suge only having 2 weeks to prepare, his 3 rounds weren't as good as his recent battles where he had really upped his game.

DNA wins 2-1

Main Event
Arsonal (Newark, NJ) vs Loaded Lux (Harlem, NY)

This battle was voted on by the fans months in advance. With this being Ars' official retirement battle he posted and took a poll on who he should battle for his final battle. With that being said, Loaded Lux is also the guy who gave Ars his start years ago at the Lions Den battles. So to the fans this was a real Daniel-son vs Mr. Miyagi. Loaded Lux came out in a karate outfit and his whole theme was teaching his son (Ars). However, the fans seen something we didn't expect. Ars who came in rare form destroyed Lux every round; disrespectful bars. The 3rd round was so personal and as he finished his slogan, "You can't spell BARS without putting that ARS in it" he tossed his "Black by Popular Demand" t-shirt in the crowd. Battle rap will truly miss Arsonal Da Rebel. 

Arsonal wins 3-0

Make sure you follow Ars on IG @Arsonal103 to stay updated on all of his musical endeavors as well as releases and shows.  His visual for his latest single Hit can be viewed below.