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So this is probably the hardest thing for me to write. Most people pay someone to draft up a dope ass bio or AllAboutMe section, but I’m not really about that life. I try to keep it simple.

So shall we begin?

The shortest and sometimes most effective way for me to sum me up is like this: Cleveland(OH) raised me. Hampton(VA) grew me. Atlanta(GA) groomed me. Now I’m back in Cleveland trying to figure out what the fck he is doing to me now.

Oh, I curse often. Kind of a lot sometimes. But it’s always appropriate… *Kanye Shrug*

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Business from The Real HU. If you’re confused about which one is the real one and which one isn’t, kindly jump off a bridge. It can be a 2-foot drop, I don’t care. Just go jump. For those who simply don’t know, I’m referring to the illustrious Hampton University. Word to Harvey. Ahoy. I earned a Master's degree in Sports & Entertainment Management from Full Sail and I’m positioning myself to add one more the list. Gimme that D… J.D., PhD, whatever. Just gimme that shit.

I am the founder and CEO of 7CityWay Productions, formerly SeventhLetter Press. I’ve worked with helli artists and their respective teams inside and outside of Cleveland. I don’t namedrop for kicks- that’s lame AF. Feel free to check on me tho, or simply ask me. The latter being your best bet. For now and for a while I’ve been managing one of the dopest artists in the game, let alone good ol Cleveland: Sn00pySymone. If you don’t know who she is, 1st, go find that bridge again and jump. Then come back and Google her to familiarize yourself. (If you find yourself unable to do that, thank the creator of this sukkafree universe here at FromTheOH for the write-up on her single “Time Will Tell” that dropped in June).

One thing about me is that I make it a point to be everywhere I need to be, whether you actually see me there or not. When you’re not the life of the party, you often get overlooked. People often miss you on that corner stool at the bar, or posted on the back wall watching who’s watching the stage and who has their punk ass cell phone out posting on IG or Snapchat. Me. I’m The Watcher. Again, whether you see me or not falls on you.

I say that to say this. It may behoove you to know who I am. Nothing moves without my knowledge.

As a manager I don’t recruit. I feel as an artist you should not have to be told or directed to get a manager. When you are ready, you will know. And when you know is when we can talk. It’s critical to be precise with that. My position is one of servitude and I take that seriously. I’m the manager that will show up to every studio session to ensure shit is done and done correctly. LKBHF(Little known black history fact) about me: I’ve written for and been apart of some amazing ass projects and my pen game is serious. I completely handle or contribute to all back end activities.

I take pride in being well versed across the board. I put in work for my clients.

I could go on and on and on, that’s how much I put into this shit, but no matter how much I do, it’s not about me. My work is for the people. My work is for you. This blog is for you. This site was created for you.  So let me serve you. I will never guarantee that you’re going to love everything I chose to say, type or whatever. I’d be a liar. Some of what we talk about you may already know. If so, I’m ghostdadding a high five to you right now through this Mac. If not, again, allow me to get you hip. If there is something you want me to cover hit me up and it’s done- to a degree.

Consultations are available in real life. 

For now tho, welcome to the Block, in The City, in this dope as universe FromTheOH.

And here we go.

p.s.. I’ll always be comfortable with who is at my table eating with me… because I’ve invited them…