INTERVIEW: Elev8 the Game w/ a couple of Columbus gems - Part 1: Son of Uh Legend, Lil Bizzy

Columbus Ohio is becoming home to a few artists who are respectively shaking up - or elevating the game.  Elev8tor Music is a company formed by Mario "Supa" Pizzini (who has held executive titles at Bad Boy Ent., D-Block Records & Universal Motown) and his partner Rashad (producer whose credits list such artists as Styles P, Stalley, Curren$y, K'Nann, and etc.)  I had the pleasure of reaching out via phone interview with 2 of the 4 artists on their small but heavy roster - Lil Bizzy and Hodgie.  This week we'll drop the interview with Lil Bizzy and stay tuned for next week when we'll release the interview w/ Hodgie.

Lil Bizzy

From the O-H: Hey Bizzy, you just dropped your debut EP called Son Of Uh Legend.  Tell us a little bit about it.

Lil Bizzy: When I first met my producer Rashad (when I was working with my group) we did a couple of songs but me and Rashad just connected music-wise. It just kind of happened.

From the O-H: How did you team up with "Supa" Mario Pizzini, Rashad and Elev8tor Music?

Lil Bizzy: I met Rashad through my homie and Rashad introduced me to Supa Mario and when I met him we just got along. It was definitely a great connection.

From the O-H: At what age did you understand the impact that your father [Bizzy Bone] and Bone Thugs-n-Harmony had in the hip-hop community?

Lil Bizzy: I've been rapping my whole life but I took it seriously when I was really 16.  Age 17 is when I knew my dad actually had an impact on the universe. That's really what made me wake up one morning and be like, "Wow, I'm really part of that legacy." 

I was born and meant for this.
— Lil Bizzy

From the O-H: It seems like you've gotten this well deserved attention from everywhere since Bizzy's In The House went viral (currently sitting at 9.7M views). Did you expect that reaction? 

Lil Bizzy: I did expect it cause you know, you gotta plan everything that you do and opportunities have opened due to that.  I'm very appreciative and thankful for that.  Thanking the Lord, the Most High .. I'm just excited!

From the O-H: What should we expect next from Lil Bizzy?

Lil Bizzy: Well, you can expect Gods message coming from me. More music, great vibes and great energy.  Just staying original, being myself and showing the world who I am.

NOTE: The next video coming soon is Then Smoke produced by Rashad.

From the O-H: What sets you apart from other children of rappers who follow in the same footsteps as their parents?

Lil Bizzy: What sets me apart is I'm not like everybody else. *laughs*  I actually got talent and I'm here to prove myself to the world.  I have a message and a mission to fulfill.  I'm just excited, overwhelmed and I just can't wait for the people to hear more music from me and to know me even more.  I got some great stuff coming. 

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