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[Columbus, OH] Jerreau - "Never How You Plan" Album

Jerreau from Fly Union drops his first solo project entitled "Never How You Plan".  Stream it below but it is also available for purchase at all digital locations!

The Never How You Plan tracklist and stream are as follows:

  1. Persevere
  2. Really Got It
  3. Hunt & Trap
  4. Corny Interlude
  5. Make A Play (M.A.P)
  6. Looking For Something
  7. Love For You 2
  8. No Man Interlude
  9. The Flow (Four Stories) ft. Kaine
  10. Come Over ft. Lolah Brown
  11. I Got You
  12. All Night
  13. Champagne (Ohh Baby)
  14. Hold It Down