ill son

[Toledo, OH] ILL Son - Harsha Realities: An Original Film (mixtape)


ILL Son, born and raised in the south side of Toledo, OH. He has been writing music since 2002 and recording since 2004 however didn't get serious until 2009. He released his first mixtape, The Lost Sessions Vol. 1, in 2013 and released his second mixtape, Harsh Realities last year.

He has received great responses from both.  ILL Son is currently working on Harsh Realities; EP & LP.


ILL Son can be reached at:

Instagram: @JustThinkIll

Twitter: @JustThinkIll

Snapchat: @JustThinkIll

SoundCloud: @JustThinkIll

Check out the mixtape, Harsh Realities below: