[Cambridge, OH] Fourth Coast is ready to shed a positive light on Cambridge Ohio

Designed by graphic designer, Rafa

Designed by graphic designer, Rafa

Cambridge Ohio tends to have a negative stigma when talked about; from heavy gang violence to being the center of drug trafficking. Up and coming label Fourth Coast is trying to change all of that by striving to put their city on the map for something meaningful. Fourth Coast is more than just a label, but a lifestyle that provides a way out for anyone who wants a better life and a way to leave a positive imprint on society.  They support and promote every aspect of art including but not limited to music, a clothing line (7077), modeling and tattooing.  Fourth Coast's goal is to give Ohio and this world a view of just how much art comes from Cambridge.

The lead single from the forthcoming album, Fourth Quarter is entitled #UNOpapi.  This track features verses from Cash, SoO, JD and vocals from Sharme.  Their roster also includes Rafa, a graphic designer who hails all the way from Brazil.  

Stream the single #UNOpapi below and keep a look out for Fourth Coast.

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