Flashback Friday: M.C. Brains - Oochie Coochie [Video] circa 1991

Oochie Coochie dropped in 1991, that's 26 years ago.  It's been a long time and even though I was just in elementary school when it dropped, I remember this song being a HIT. 

M.C. Brains is from Cleveland, OH and was discovered by Michael Bivens of New Edition.  At that time, Michael Bivens was the man behind Biv 10 Records and responsible for discovering and managing Another Bad Creation, Boyz II Men, 702, Subway and more.

So with that much ammunition surrounding M.C. Brains, it was natural for Clevelanders to be super excited that someone actually made it out.

Oochie Coochie went on to sell millions of records and achieve platinum status while his debut album Lovers Lane hit gold.  By Google searching and locating him on social media, you'll find that M.C. Brains (now Brainz Davis) is still performing and creating music although unfortunately has yet to reach the status of what he once was.

So go down memory lane a little bit and check out Oochie Coochie below and see if you remember the words like I do.