[Cleveland, OH] Artist Ray Jr. releases a short film entitled Gold Packs The Movie

We had the honor of attending the private viewing/listening session for this film at The Medusa Lounge in Cleveland, Ohio.  Of course, we expected a packed house, bottles flowing and eye candy but what we didn't expect was this.  Gold Packs the Movie stars Christian Dobbins, Ripp Flamez, Doe Boy, Blu, Pooh Gutta, Ed Beader and more.

Ray Jr. has always done a great job at pursuing other ventures; of course music, philanthropy but something myself & a lot of others didn't expect was the ability to write and direct a short film. 

We liked the message that the film conveyed and it pretty much puts into perspective what's necessary in this day and age.  We have to protect ourselves and hold our friends, family and community accountable.  In other words, if someone is wrong tell them their wrong. 

Ray may have found his knack!

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