[Columbus, OH] Elliott Trent - The First Time (official video)

From humble beginnings, Elliott Trent Bingham has quickly become one of the biggest artists from the Midwest.

His drive, ambition, and hunger are without a doubt key elements that have gotten him to where he is today.

Now, at the age of twenty-four, with a debut single titled, “The First Time,” that has over ten million hits and two close runner-ups titled, “Slow,” and, “You The One,” (all found on YouTube and SoundCloud) he continues to impress us all with his unique blend of hip hop/ r&b and melodic vocals.

Trent has continued to incorporate new aspects into his live performance. There is no denying that the intensity on stage during his live shows is powerful and captivating to say the least. Having connected with some of the industry’s top R&B artists, Elliott has continued to prove he has what it takes to reach the next level.
— www.sixxiv.life.com