[Cincinnati, OH] Xzela and Luna Bruja - SadLibs


One of our favorite musicians from Cincinnati, singer/songwriter Xzela has released a co-project with newcomer Luna Bruja entitled SadLibs.  This 13-track project personifies exactly what these ladies are capable of by cohesively blending Xzela's airy vocal style with Luna's poetic rhymes.  I'm getting a Floetry vibe with these ladies and that's a compliment to it's highest form.  

Taken directly from the press release.

 Xzela has been making waves in her first year on the scene and has received favorable reviews from CityBeat and various music blogs. She defies genre and dips her foot into many different styles of music. Already with four releases under her belt, Xzela transcribes her trials and tribulations into feathered melodies that float across soundscapes with ease; Blending R&B with soulful urban flare, she keeps an intimate yet powerful demeanor both on and off the stage. As well as writing and performing music, she also plays guitar, bass, and engineers sound for other artists.

Website: XzelaMusic.com
FB: Facebook.com/XzelaMusician
Bandcamp: XzelaMusician.Bandcamp.com
Instagram: @xzelamusic
Soundcloud: SoundCloud.com/XzelaMusician

Newcomer Luna Bruja has stepped out onto the scene dressed to impress. Starting out as a poet, Luna found a niche in hip-hop and was easily able to transform her words on paper into music. Her first song (Low-ish) was featured on Xzela's 3rd body of work, Paint. After her first track was released, Luna's songwriting itch quickly turned into her debut EP, "The Girl Who Bleeds Flowers", which was very well-recieved. Luna effortlessly blends her own poetry into intelligent, quick-witted, and often cryptic rhymes. Creating her own unique lane, Luna continues to expand her vocabulary and branch out musically. After the SadLibs release, she will begin work on what will be her 3rd body of work, Metanoia.

FB: Facebook.com/LunaBrujaMusic
Bandcamp: LunaBrujaMusic.Bandcamp.com
Instagram: @Luna_Bruja
Soundcloud: Soundcloud.com/LunaBrujaMusic