[Cleveland, OH] Jstar the Dreamer - If Ifs (A Puppet's Perspective)

If Ifs 1_hires.jpg

Jstar the Dreamer, 1/4 of the hip-hop collective Rhyme x Reason has been for the past 2 years tirelessly crafting his second project, the follow-up to his debut Sandbox Dreaming.  Through long studio sessions and going back and forth to the drawing board he has finally completed his sophomore solo project which is set to release the first quarter of 2018.

The lead single entitled If Ifs (A Puppet's Perspective) discusses those life's regrets that we have all dealt with and as the song says,  "..if ifs was a fifth we'd all be drunk, ya dig?"

Stream the single below and let us know what you think!

Social Media:
IG: @jstar_thedreamer
Website: www.jstarthedreamer.com