[Cleveland, OH] Cuddo216 - Word to the Wise

Cuddo216 is an 18 year old up-and-coming artist out of Cleveland who didn't start rapping until his senior year of high school (Oct. 2015). Since that time, he has released two mixtapes; his debut project "18 in the Making" released June 10th, 2016 followed by his latest project "Born In The Wrong Generation" released November 24th, 2016.

He's a deep, lyrical rapper with great storytelling ability.  He also has the ability to create hype, energy-ridden songs and merge it with deep lyrics as he's done so on "Word to the Wise".  His ultimate goal is to make it big in the music industry while being a kid that Cleveland can look up to. 

Word to the Wise is a hype song describing how he sees the fantasies of mainstream rappers' lifestyles which Cuddo216 can make into his own lifestyle. 

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