[Cleveland, OH] E'LA - Let Me See You Dance (Prod. by BeatsbyMantra)

E'LA is an artist/songwriter, born and raised In Cleveland, OH. He has been doing music for five years with four projects out at the current moment, they consist of mixtapes: "Ms. Beverly", "92 Miles Away From Here", And "Dollar Forty Eight" Albums: "Nine To The Pier".

He is currently working on three projects at this current time which are, mixtapes: "Just Cause I Have Too" Released on Dec. 31st, 2016, "Ms. Beverly 2" Released In Feb, 2017 and Albums: "The ORCA Album" Released In May/June, 2017.

"Let Me See You Dance" is a single from "The ORCA Album".

Social Media links:
Twitter: E_LA_
IG: e_la_parye