[Cleveland, OH] Earl St. Clair - Good Time


Def Jam artist, Earl St. Clair releases his latest single entitled "Good Time".

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In fact, producing was his first love. Born in Cleveland, St. Clair was an inquisitive, energetic child who played sports and in the school band. “I had to keep my mind busy. Just like it is today. I work all the time or else I’d go crazy,” he says.

His father and uncles loved blues, funk and soul, while his mother leaned toward a mix of modern gospel like Kirk Franklin and Quiet Storm favorites like Anita Baker and the Isley Brothers. With Cleveland plopped right in the middle of the East, Midwest and South, St. Clair’s influences are wide.

“I like the swag of Texas screw music. Then we got the flair and uptempo radio hits from Puff and MaSe. And I love church chords. So much soul in ‘em. I was able to take from all of that,” he says.
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