[Cleveland, OH] Kid Cudi drops his 6th studio album, Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin'

Kid Cudi has definitely been through his fair share of pain and has managed to slay his demons while continuing his passion and THAT is exactly what he titled his latest album.. kinda.  Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin' is Cudder's 6th studio album that is split into 4 acts.

Honestly, it's good to see him back at it in a positive and healthy mental state, welcome back Cudder!  

[Act 1: Tuned]
1. Frequency
2. Swim in the Light
3. Releaser
4. By Design ft. Andre 3000
5. All In
[Act 2: Prophecy]
6. iLLusions
7. Rose Golden ft. Willow Smith
8. Baptized in Fire ft. Travis Scott
9. Flight at First Sight/ Advanced ft. Pharrell Williams
10. Does it
[Act 3: Niveaux de I'Amour]
11. Dance 4 Eternity
12. Distant Fantasies
13. Wounds
14. Mature Nature
15. Kitchen
[Act 4: It's Bright and Heaven is Warm]
16. Cosmic Warrior
17. The Guide ft. Andre 3000
18. The Commander
19. Surfin' ft. Pharrell Williams