[Cleveland, OH] Bilal w/ Nathan-Paul and the Foundation Band | Thursday, Dec. 1st

If you haven’t caught him performing a tribute to Prince, you need to YouTube it. Like NOW! This upcoming R&B neo-soul sensation is a remarkable musician. His strong vocals captivate audiences and show his versatility as a musician. If that’s not impressive enough he’s worked with musicians like Beyonce, Common, the Roots, Kendrick Lamar and so many more.
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One is a National artist turned Indie; who has been in the game for about 17 years while working with some of your favorite artists and the other is an Indie artist from Cleveland who is not only one of the coldest saxophone players but also a composer.  On Thursday, December 1st, check out Bilal and Cleveland's own Nathan-Paul as they perform at the Music Box Supper Club.  

Tickets can be purchased HERE!

What does Nathan-Paul’s music sound like? What does it do? Deep grooves, Strong Singable Soulful melodies, Uncommon forms, an unwavering desire to dance, sounds that carry you to a distant memory, would be one way to describe Nathan-Paul’s music. “No matter what it’s gotta feel good. Even better, it’s gotta hurt good.” Nathan-Paul is a proud Cleveland Native. There are many different scenes to pull from in Cleveland and Nathan-Paul has done just that. From his funky soul group The Admirables, to Playing In the spirit of Ornette Coleman with the Sam Blasklee Large Ensemble, all the way to the high energy Latin Jazz group Ahi-Nama, Nathan-Paul is more concerned with Expression than genre. “Education can cause us to lose feelings, that animalistic side of ourselves can still be helpful, when people see you they want to feel something.” Nathan-Paul’s shows invokes a feeling, an experience. “The whole stage thing is weird, the best concert is when everybody is standing in a circle and playing. The audience can either be surrounding you, or you surrounding the audience. Let’s create a deep, heartfelt experience.
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