[Columbus, OH] Zachariah Ka1ne - Mona Lisa (album)

Zachariah Ka1ne is an artist from Columbus, Ohio that has been making music and developing his craft for the past 10 years.

Zachariah Ka1ne has obtained a plethora of respectable accolades over the better part of the last decade including but not limited to WCKX radio one station Power 107.5s “Best Artist in Columbus” award & The Ohio Hip Hop Awards “Best Group in Ohio” award.

Zachariah Ka1ne released his first professional album “Mona Lisa” that was produced, written, recorded, mixed, mastered, designed, pressed, and promoted on September 20, 2016, and was entirely self-funded. The mid-west took notice of the talents of Zachariah Ka1ne in recent history after his appearances on “TLCs Gypsy Wedding” along with several cyphers and a city wide collaboration entitled “Columbus Riot 2” that allowed him to showcase his chopper style along with his catchy punchlines and metaphors.

Zachariah Ka1ne prides himself on not being just a singular dimensional artist, as he feels that as long as he connects with the instrumental he can create a story to it. He is also the creator of the FHSP movement, which over the past 5 years has become a powerhouse that brings many eclectic styles of music together under one belief, to leave your mark on the music world.

Stay in contact with Zachariah Ka1ne by following @FHSPmovement on Instagram, or @iamKa1ne on Twitter, Facebook, & Soundcloud. Also make sure to subscribe to Zachariah Ka1nes official YouTube channel (@FHSPmovement) for new music videos, news, live performance footage, and so much more.