[Cleveland, OH] Clay'Bama - Non-Violent? (song and video)

Born on Dayton’s West Side before relocating to Cleveland, Clay'Bama was exposed to a varied and rich cultural backdrop. His musical influences range from ZZ Hill to Kendrick Lamar, from Bill Withers to Bone Thugs n' Harmony.
The influences he accrued and his Midwestern roots afford him the ability to make songs that are craftily written, sonically enthralling and always heartfelt. Songs such as “What Up Shawty”, “Let My People Go,” and his newest single “Nonviolent?” exhibit the soul of a man trying to do good in environments that may not necessarily be the best.
The songs shed light on ambitions that only the big city can provide, with a down-to-earth humility that only his small city roots can provide. The result is quality, real hip hop. Clay'Bama has opened up for Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs n' Harmony as well as Cleveland artist Jul Big Green.

Make sure you stream the song Nonviolent? below as well check out the video.  Obviously, with so much going on in the world a song like this is definitely necessary.  Keep up the great work Clay'Bama.

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Twitter: iamclaybama